JJDR's When Fate Conspires
Nope, she's not a Malamute...SoonHee is a Korean Jindo Dog

Sometimes Fate takes a hand in our lives and sends an unexpected gift. While I always wanted a Malamute, shortly after buying my house I realized I needed a dog who would actually bark if someone came on my property. At the time I had never heard of a Jindo, however a chance encounter with one at a rescue event introduced me to my "other" breed and resulted in bringing home my first Jindo Kiva.

An interest in the breed led to getting involved in Jindo Rescue, and I've been fostering Jindos for many years. In fact 20 Jindos passed through my home and on to wonderful forever homes. Number 21 presented me with a dillema, however. She was everything I would have wanted in my next Jindo - If I was looking for another Jindo. Which I wasn't.

It was Kwin who changed my mind. A year old at the time, he wanted a playmate and he found one in this dainty little Jindo girl. The two of them quickly become best buddies and spent hours chasing each other around the yard. Not only was their friendship blooming, but SoonHee soon proved to be a wonderful little working dog. Be it in harness in front of the cart or scooter, or on the trail carrying a pack, SoonHee held her own and gave the big dogs a run for their money. She also is outgoing and friendly for a Jindo and a good representative of the breed - perfect for doing education demos about the breed. All in all, everything I would have wanted in a Jindo if I'd been looking to add one to the family. So, of course, she stayed.

SoonHee was turned into one of LA City's South Central shelter by her owners simply because they no longer wanted a dog. At the time she was extremely thin and covered in fleas. Their loss was very much my gain, and this wonderful little dog has become a much loved part of our family and lives. She's the reserved and gentle lady in a house full of extroverted Malamutes, and is our protector, alarm system, and expert squirrel catcher.

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