Nat/Int(BA)/UKC Ch
Nordiclight's Lil Mud NTH Tires CGC NTD WTD
May 5, 2009 - March 10, 2011

Coming to us all the way from Canada, Jeep was my long sought after Agouti Pup. The little spitfire lived up to her name and regularly left muddy puppy prints all over my house and my heart. Jeep had a wonderful outgoing confident temperament, delightful and devilish sense of humor, and loving personality that made her so much fun to live and work with.  Taking all obstacles in stride, Jeep approached life with the attitude that it was one big party and she was never anything other than happy happy happy. She made me laugh each and every day and brought me so much sunshine and joy.  I will forever be grateful to her breeders Nathalie Roy and Pierre Thibault of Nordiclight Malamutes for giving me the chance to share my life with her.

Jeep's first season in harness highlighted her phenomenal athleticism as well as an incredible level of working drive. In harness she was amazing, and during her puppy season she just about ran my adult dogs into the ground. I so enjoyed watching that drive develop while she completed the miles necissary for her WTD title. In harness and out she had excellent canine communication skills. Her large number of canine friends were a testament to her wonderfully balanced temperament, and she happily ran in harness next to any other dog including other intact bitches. She  weight pulled for the first time at 14 months of age and earned a leg toward her WWPD title with a time of 10.54 seconds. She absolutely loved showing in conformation, probably because it was all about her and she got to be the center of attention. She earned a UKC BIS puppy as well as IABCA and UKC Championships with group placements.  Jeep obtained her Canine Good Citizen certificate and I was looking forward to showing her in obedience and Rally.

Sadly, Jeeps bright future came to a crashing halt when she began having seizures January 30, 2011. Diagnosed as ideopathic epilepsy, in spite of all efforts and high doses of numerous medications the frequency of her seizures quickly increased and in the end nothing worked and we were left with no options. Through it all Jeep maintained her happy outlook and even at the end she was wagging her tail and giving out kisses. Though her time with us was short, Jeep lived every moment to its fullest.

I am including her cause of death here on her website along with a very heartfealt plea to the Malamute community.  So long as health issues are hidden, hushed up, or even just not talked about, wonderful dogs like Jeep are going to die. Her illness was not caused by any error on her breeders part - quite the contrary her breeder went to great efforts to try to assure excellent health including attempting to avoid this very issue. Sadly it's impossible to do that without knowledge of where issues have occured within a pedigree. And at this time we are all at the mercy of a system which encourages breeders to hush up any issues which occur. For the sake of our dogs, that has got to change. At the very least breeders need to be open about health issues within their lines so that more informed breeding decisions can be made. Waiting for DNA tests is not the answer, particularly when the information necissary to even suggest a mode of inheritance is simply not available due to the "code of silence". What we really need is an open health database, however that will never happen until breeders start thinking in terms of doing what is best for the breed we love.

Working Hard 'N Playing Hard
                                                                                                             Am Ch Sendaishi's Samauri Shogun
                                                                          BISS Am Ch Sendaishi's Polar Trax ROM WTDX
                                                                                                              Am Ch Sendaishi's Leah of Eklutna
Misty Pak's Sasquatch
                                                                                                               Am Ch Sendaishi's Kipkandu Kiwalik ROM
                                                                                        Am Ch Misty Pak's Northen Sizzle
                                                                                                              Am Ch Misty Paks Toast to Nitecap ROM
                                    Ch Rec. Uktousa des Rives du Haut Verdon 
                                                                                                              Black Ice's Driving Force WTDX, WWPD
                                                                                        Black Ice's Nocturnal Force WTD
                                                                                                              Am/Can Ch Black Ice's Winter Obsession WTDX
Misty Pak's This Diva Rules WLD WTD CGC 
Am Ch Sendaishi's Kipkandu Kiwalik ROM
                                                                                        Am Ch Misty Pak's Northen Sizzle
                                                                                                               Am Ch Misty Paks Toast to Nitecap ROM
             Comanche Nordiclight des Rives du Haut Verdon (Imp. France) 
BISS Am Ch Sendaishi's Polar Trax ROM WTDX
                                                                                        BISS Am Ch Sendaishi's Sledn with Moody WTD
                                                                                                               Sendaishi's Aimin'High
Rec Rock'N'Mood Okkomut des Rives du Haut Verdon
                                                                                                               Int Ch Norka Last Bo of Bokaris Line
                                                                                        Int/Fr/Ib/Cs Ch IYentl Okkomut des Rives du Haut Verdon
                                                                                                               Int/Mon Ch Okkomut CV Kotzebue Wild Sun
Taffy Snow Okkomut des Rives du Haut Verdon
                                                                                                         Am Ch Sendaishi's Kipkandu Kiwalik ROM
                                                                                        Am Ch Sendaishi's Ratchet Jaw
                                                                                                              Am Ch Sendaishi's Iced Taffy
                                                                  Rec Look Eklutna Okkomut des Rives du Haut Verdon
                                                                                                              Ch Miettas Magic Merlyn of Kaila
                                                                                        Int/Mon Ch Okkomut CV Kotzebue Wild Sun
                                                                                                              Okkomut's Peaches Galore

                                                                                                              Alcan By Design
                                                                                       Am/Can/Int'l Ch Mick-Shrok's T'Sedi Goldbricker
                                                                                                               Am Ch Mick-Shrok's a Goldust Chance
                                                                     Mick-Shrok's Akicita
                                                                                                               Am/Can Ch Goldust Ive Phantom CGC
                                                                                         Int'l Ch Mick-Shrok's Goldust Nugget
                                                                                                              Am Ch Atun's Aint Misbehavin
                                    Mick-Shrok's Akicita QWest WTDX ROMWD
                                                                                                              Prairie Wind's TcuCun of Wooka CD
                                                                                        BIS Intl Ch Wooka Mick-Shrok
                                                                                                               Williwaw's Kotrak Kina
                                                                 Mick-Shrok's Wiciska
                                                                                                              Am/Can Ch Goldust Ice Phantom CGC
                                                                                        Int'l Ch Mick-Shrok's Goldust Nugget
                                                                                                              Am Ch Atun's Aint Misbehavin
            Nordiclight's Secret Angel WTD WTDA WTDX
                                                                                                              Am/Can Ch Frostfield Kotzebue Kobuk
                                                                                        Frostfield Kotzebue Konrad
                                                                                                              Am Ch Frostfield Kotzebue Konnie
                                                                 Frostfield Kotzebue Kalvin
                                                                                                              Frostfield Kotzebue Konrad
                                                                                        Frostfield Kotzebue Kassie
                                                                                                              Am Ch Chinook's Kotzebue Artic Char
                                   Frostfield Mad Maggie SD WTD ROMWD 
                                                                                                              Am Ch Inuit's Moon Unit
                                                                                        Am Ch Frostfield Firestar
                                                                                                               Am Ch Frostfield's Fly the Westwind
                                                                 Am Ch Frostfield Sweet Stephanie
                                                                                                               Frostfield Kotzebue Konrad
                                                                                        Am Ch Frostfield Talkeetna
                                                                                                              Am Ch Snoheet's Dixie-Do of Snohurst

In the Ring
And On The Trail
Watch Jeep Grow Up
Just For Fun
Color - Agouti                                   OFA Cardiac - Normal AM-CA134/20F/P-VPI
Height /Weight - 22"/50lbs              CERF Eyes - Clear AM-3030/2010-16
OFA Hip Prelim - Good                   OFA Elbow Prelim - Normal
AKC DNA #V582361                      OFA Thyroid - Normal AM-TH103/20F-VPI    
Coat Length - Parents DNA test Clear            
UC Davis Coat Color Test - White:Non Carrier  (EE)
                                                Red:Non Carrier  (BB)
                                                Blue: Non Carrier (DD)